fuse* is a studio and a production company founded in 2007 that operates at the intersection between art and science, with the aim of exploring the expressive potential offered by the creative use of emerging digital technologies.

Ever since the outset, the studio’s research has focused primarily on the production of installations and live-media performances capable of profound audience engagement amplifying the emotional impact of the narration.
Over the course of the years, the studio has evolved, thereby allowing for an ever more holistic approach to the creation of new projects. Adopting a modus operandi which valorizes pure experimentation, the goal is to create works that inspire people, push back the limits and seek out new interplay between light, space, sound, and movement.

fuse* has always linked its activity and development to that of the community in which it operates, supporting, promoting and developing projects aimed at spreading culture and knowledge. For this purpose, it co-produces NODE since 2016, an electronic music and digital arts festival. 


German Design Award 2019 Special Mention - Dökk
Digital Design Award, Sound Design - Dökk
20th Japan Media Arts Festival, Jury Selections Art Division - AMYGDALA
Celeste Prize 2011, Best Live Media Performance - N4.0
Celeste Prize 2010, Best Live Media Performance - Corpo Elettrico
Digital Graffiti 2010, Most Innovative Installation - N3.0


New Media Installation, 2018 - AMYGDALA
artfutura, 2017 - Dökk 
20th Japan Media Arts Festival, Jury Selections Art Division - AMYGDALA
Light Works Experimental Projection Mapping di Francesco Murano, 2014
Celeste Prize Catalogue - 2011
Celeste Prize Catalogue - 2010
Premio Celeste Catalogue - 2010
Premio Celeste Catalogue - 2009