Strange Attractors & Curl Noise

Samuel Pietri - 01/03/2018

Following the work done in this previous post, I tried to widen the aesthetic possibilities given by the strange attractors by adding other behaviors to the particle system. In particular, I wanted to give the system a more “fluid” feeling without any complex physical simulation going on but taking advantage once again of the noise function. There’s a specific function commonly known as “curl noise” that is perfectly suited for this purpose and that is the main reason I tried to implement that one into the system.

In this video, the particles are affected only by the curl noise function.

Adding the attractor
Then I decided to add things differently and apply the behavior of the attractors I studied earlier. Obviously, the main interest was to mix the two forces while changing the attractor kind. These are some of the results.

curl attractor 001

curl attractor 002curl attractor 003